by Chairman Toshio Mita

"Chubu Aerospace Industry and Technology Center" (C-ASTEC), founded incorporation with the industries, universities, and governmental offices in September 1993, had conducted various projects over a wide area of the aerospace field, and changed its name and organization to "Chubu Center for Space Industry, Science and Technology"(C-STEC) under the control of the Science and Technology Agency and Ministry of International Trade and Industry in the wake of its purpose focused on space related fields in July, 1995. As for the aviation field, taking into account the circumstances leading to the foundation of C-ASTEC and of its close relation with the space field, "Chubu Aircraft Industry and Technology Conference"(C-ATEC) has been founded as a voluntary body to smoothly continue activities with close cooperation between both bodies. "Chubu Aerospace Technology Center"(C-ASTEC) unifying the aviation and the space activities had restarted, targetting the improvement of aerospace fields in Sept. 2002. Thus the basis of activities is further strengthened for conducting projects. From now on, we are intent on further reinforcing and expanding the ongoing projects with the wide assistance and cooperation from the parties concerned, and invigorating the aviation and space industries in this region and resultantly contributing to the promotion of thriving Chubu area.


The Chubu area is one of the important production areas in Japan, where advanced industries such as the aerospace industry are centered. The concept of "the chubu aerospace technology park " is to form an integrated aerospace industry area, ranging from research to production, by taking advantage of this centralization. In this park with the integrated laboratory as the core, there will be various institutions where aerospace related activities such as research and development, production,, education, medical care, and so on, will be conducted. Ultimately, vitalization of local communities and industries, including leisure areas, has been planned. C-ASTEC examines each of the above mentioned institution, conducts investigations and studies for there realization, and makes related proposals.